Cartr ETS is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly connects all the entities involved in employee transportation. It includes a number of features that enable easy tracking and scheduling by companies, improved capacity utilization by fleet operators, as well as reduced commuting time and enhanced safety for employees.

Cartr ETS eliminates the cumbersome processes in traditional employee transportation arrangements. It does away with manual logs and trip sheets. It reduces the need for phone calls to schedule pickups or verify vehicle location. And it makes it easier to track vendor compliance to contracts and SLAs.

Cartr Company Dashboard

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

  • Schedule request for additional vehicle

  • Schedule request for additional route

  • Calculate accounts payable based on trip sheets 

  • Pull up metrics on fleet performance

  • View alerts on compliance with transport contract

Cartr Employee App

  • View location of vehicle on map

  • SOS/panic button functionality

  • Rate both driver and ride experience

  • Messaging functionality

  • Book a trip

  • View ETA and alerts on vehicle location and status

Cartr Fleet Supervisor

  • Schedule vehicles based on requests

  • Respond to system and driver alerts

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

Cartr Driver App

  • Driver check-in

  • Details of scheduled pickups/drop-offs

  • SOS integration (to report accidents, breakdowns)

  • Log to record completed pickups/drop-offs