We would like to see a different Indian city. A better city. A city where more people use public transportation. A city with less privately owned cars plying on roads. A city with more shared transportation and green vehicles than ever before. A city with multi-modal transportation options – that are both safe and seamless.

We believe we can get to this by streamlining existing commuting arrangements. The whole area of employee transportation, in particular, is rife with inefficiencies. Our solution is designed to address these through shared transportation that is optimized for routes and utilization. It enables easy communication in order to minimize confusion. It gives companies and their commuters more options to get around while improving the bottomline for fleet operators. Most importantly, it includes several features to make employees feel safe during their daily commute.

This is not the first time we have taken on an urban commuting problem. As mGaadi, we pioneered auto rickshaw e-hailing in Bangalore – with a groundbreaking solution that connected reliable auto drivers with people needing to go somewhere.

As Cartr, we want to help companies help their employees get to work and back home – quickly, safely, and with a lower carbon footprint.